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Business Collections

Collecting monies owed is a necessary part of any business.  The typical business provides goods or services in exchange for money.  But not everyone that pays promptly, or even pay at all.  Thus, maximizing your business' return on outstanding debts, or accounts receivable, is necessary to increase cash flow and ensure that your business doesn't find itself on the other side of the fence falling behind on payments it owes others.

That's where a business collection, or business-to-business collection, attorney becomes useful.  Your business can place an account or portfolio with the business collection attorney and not have to spend money immediately, further decreasing cash flow.  The business collection attorney will analyze the debtor business and determine the best route to take to maximize any possible return, up to, and including, filing a lawsuit in court.  Of course, if you already have a judgment against the debtor business, then the collection attorney can move on to enforcement strategies.

If you have an issue collecting monies due from a debtor business, let us see if we can help.


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