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Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having said, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  While the saying related to fire prevention, it is especially true in business law.  Planning for possible problems down the road with a business attorney can greatly reduce your risk down the road.  Of course, whether you hire an attorney before you go into business or after costly problems have already arisen depends on your appetite for risk.  Regardless of your risk tolerance, problems can and will arise with your business, despite careful planning.  Having an experienced attorney on your side can help minimize those problems and help you navigate to a swift and efficient resolution.

Some of the common business issues we see are:

  • Drafting, interpreting, and enforcing commercial leases;
  • Drafting, interpreting, and enforcing commercial contracts;
  • Filing and defending shareholder and member lawsuits against the business or the person(s) running the business;
  • Filing and defending lawsuits for fraud or breach of fiduciary duty; and
  • Collecting monies owed to the business.

If you have an issue with your business, let us see if we can help.


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